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About Amadeus Learning Center

Amadeus Learning Center seeks to spread knowledge and Amadeus expertise to the benefit of our customers.
We provide state of the art learning services to help equip travel professionals with comprehensive knowledge of needed IT solutions by continuously updating our curriculum to suit the market needs.

We have equipped learning rooms that provide trainers and trainee resources to attain the best learning experience throughout their course with the following features:

Conference Services

Amadeus offers well-equipped conference spaces for use by companies that seek to place meetings, courses or conferences outside their premises.

Why Amadeus?
We offer the following four high-grade rooms:
  • 16-seat room equipped with smartboard
  • 14-seat room equipped with smartboard
  • 8-seat room equipped with HD projector display
  • Employment reached 1,200 in the three factories that vary from engineers, managers and technicians.
  • 6-seat room equipped with smartboard
At Amadeus premises, our customers have access to a break area with refreshments and lunch. Additionally, they have access to food courts and prayer area in City Stars complex where Amadeus is situated.
Requests for booking any of our conference rooms could be done directly via


Our Learning Center offers the following courses on Amadeus premises (scheduled, morning and afternoon options) and on-site as per request:

Amadeus Selling Platform Connect – Basic Course

Offered during morning or the evening, throughout this course we will go through all our new Amadeus sell connect interface options.
It will cover all our basic daily tasks and an overview session on the cryptic system:
  • Request flight availability, schedule and timetable display (Amadeus AIR)
  • Create and modify passengers’ reservation. (Amadeus PNR –Passenger Name Record)
  • Display and print itineraries
  • Work with queues (Amadeus Queues)
  • Price an itinerary and how to work with fares (Amadeus Fares and Pricing)
  • Display and read a Transitional Stored Ticket (TST) and issue an e-ticket (Amadeus Ticketing)
  • Issuing, displaying, printing and e-mailing e-Ticket itinerary receipts
  • Displaying and cancelling e-tickets
  • Working with customer profiles (Amadeus Profiles)
Eligibility for this course:
Trainee can take this course without any prerequisite experience, or if they would like to renew their certificate which expires every two years. Basic English proficiency is needed.

Amadeus Selling Platform Connect – Advanced Course

During this course we will address the following topics:
  • Amadeus AIR advanced functions
  • Amadeus NON-Homogenous PNR
  • Amadeus Offers
  • Revalidating e-ticket
  • Exchanging e-ticket (Manual Reissue & ATC)
  • Refunding e-ticket (Refund & ATC Refund)
  • Creating, displaying, updating, issuing EMDs
  • Book and price Ancillary Services
  • Displaying and printing sales reports
Eligibility for this course:
Trainee must have taken the Basic course and is recommended to have at least three months working experience on the Amadeus system. Basic English proficiency is needed.


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