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Amadeus Transfers is a multi-provider, web-based transfer solution offering coverage in over 1,000 destinations in 142 markets.

Terms & Conditions:
1- One of the AMADEUS Products being distributed in the Territory under the terms of the DAPS Agreement is known as Amadeus Transfers: a transfer reservation system through which participating transfer providers can make their services available for reservation, and through which end-consumers can reserve such providers’ services (the “Application”);
2- AMADEUS is willing to make Travel Agency part of the commission-clearing model, whereby Travel Agency will receive a Commission to for each Completed Booking made in the Territory with Participating Providers through the Application.


1- Definitions:
  • “Booking” means a single transfer service reserved through the Application.
  • “Cancelled” with respect to a Booking, means a Booking that is cancelled through the Application.
  • “Commission”shall mean the amount payable by Amadeus to Travel Agency for each completed booking.
  • “Completed Booking” means a Booking made in a Participating Provider from the Territory through the Application:
    (i) that has not been Cancelled, (ii) that has not been declined, (iii) that is not deemed fraudulent, (iv) for which the end-consumer has fully paid; and (vi) where the end-consumer has completed use of the entire transfer service.
  • “Revenue” means the retail price paid by the end-consumer for the Completed Booking, excluding any taxes, surcharges, service fees, credit card processing fees, channel-specific markups and fees for add-on services.
  • “Participating Provider” means a third party that provides the transfer service and participates in the commission-clearing program, as updated from time to time.
2- COMMISSION TO Travel Agency:
2.1. For each Completed Booking, Amadeus shall pay Travel Agency a Commission equal to:
(a) Six percent (6.00%) of the Revenue for such Completed Booking, irrespective of the total number of Completed Bookings made in Participating Providers from the Egypt Territory during the corresponding year.
2.2. The previous Section 2.1 shall not apply in the case where the Participating Provider has direct agreement with the subscriber in the Territory for the payment of any amount per Booking.
2.3. Payment of the Commission under 2.1 above shall be settled by AMADEUS every six months: the first payment of the year will be calculated based on the Commission in 2.1(a) above. For the avoidance of doubt, Commission shall only be payable to Travel Agency after a Booking is considered a Completed Booking.
2.4 Commission will be paid half-annually: within 60 days of the end of each half-annual period, a calculation will be made to determine the number of Eligible Completed Bookings produced by Travel Agency “Subscriber” during the relevant period and the corresponding commission attributable to those Eligible completed Bookings.

AMADEUS shall not pay any of the above Commissions to Travel Agency for Completed Bookings made in the Territory when:


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